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today’s holiday: St. Elmo’s Day

St. Elmo’s Day

The day known as St. Elmo’s Day is actually St. Erasmus‘s Day, in honor of a third-century Italian bishop who is thought to have suffered martyrdom around the year 304. Erasmus was a patron saint of sailors and was especially popular in the 13th century. Sometimes at sea on stormy nights, sailors will see a pale, brushlike spray of electricity at the top of the mast. In the Middle Ages, they believed that these fires were the souls of the departed, rising to glory through the intercession of St. Elmo. Such an electrical display is still referred to as “St. Elmo’s Fire.” More… Discuss

Sibling Bullying Takes Mental Toll

Sibling Bullying Takes Mental Toll

Siblings will inevitably fight, but when one regularly says nasty or hurtful things to or about the other, gets physical with him or her, or consistently ignores him or her, it crosses the line into bullying and can do lasting harm. Eighteen-year-olds who were bullied by a sibling several times a week in childhood were about twice as likely as their peers to have depression, to have anxiety, and to engage in self-harm. It is important, therefore, for parents to understand that bullying can occur in the home just as it can in school and to intervene when they see their children treating each other in a bullying manner. More… Discuss


Childhood Hurts Persist for Decades

Yet another study, this one the first to look at the effects of childhood bullying in late adulthood, is adding to the growing body of evidence on the persistent and pervasive social, physical, and psychological effects of bullying. At age 50, people who were frequent victims of childhood bullying remained at increased risk of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. They also tended to report a lower quality of life. The findings suggest that we never really outgrow the trauma of bullying but instead carry it with us throughout our lives. More… Discuss

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Bullying’s Effects Add Up

Studies have consistently shown that bullying is tied to worse physical and mental health, but few have looked at the cumulative effects of bullying over time. As might be expected, a longitudinal study of bullying found that teens who had been subject to bullying throughout their schooling had a lowerquality of life than those who had either been bullied in the past or who were being bullied at the time of the study. The findings further highlight the importance of preventing bullying or, at the very least, putting a stop to it soon after it starts. More… Discuss


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John Bradshaw: Dick Wagner & Leo Najar – “Remember the Child” starts @ 3:07- 1995

Uploaded on May 23, 2011

Presented as an honor and tribute to the late Maestro Leo Najar. This video was produced with Wagner Music Group by Larry Hammond & Gil RIchard in 1995.
Audio mixed by Dick Wagner at the former Grand Funk Railroad‘s Fenton Studios with Al Hirschman and Larry Hammond. Re-mastered for YouTube by Larry Hammond.

Also assisting in the video recording of the concert was the late Jim Bruzzese. As a recording engineer, Jim Bruzzese, also engineered some of Bob Seger’s best work, including, Seven, Smokin’ O.P.s, Live Bullet, Greatest Hits, and Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man.

The “Remember the Child” project culminated in an outdoor concert
at Saginaw Valley State University‘s Wickes Memorial 
Stadium on August 23,1995. For months, Dick Wagner collaborated
with Leo Najar and the Saginaw Symphony to present orchestrated 
renditions of Wagner’s illustrious catalog of music. The successful 
event generated over $16,000 that was distributed to agencies that
address issues of child abuse and neglect.

“Wagner’s performance that night was triumphant and when he
collaborated with Leo Najar and the Saginaw Symphony Orchestra
the music was simply breathtaking. And once and for all and in a
most optimal concert setting, fans were able to experience the depth
and complexity of Wagner’s original compositions. The music was
simply stunning and, in retrospect, the “Remember The Child Concert” may have been his shining moment, in a long career characterized 
by notable successes and a precipitous fall from grace that was
ultimately redeemed by Wagner’s courageous recovery – and his
partially successful comeback”…….Bo White, White’s Bar, Saginaw, 

“Some things are better left…Remembered:
It is the only way to break the chain of abuse, the bullying culture we live in, in the world, not by depersonalizing existing issues!”


Boys That Bully More Likely to Beat Partners Later

Boys That Bully More Likely to Beat Partners Later

US researchers say new findings show a link between schoolyard bullying and later domestic abuse, highlighting the importance of addressing bullying behavior in childhood. Thirty eight percent of the men in a recent study who admitted to abusing their partner physically or sexually within the past year also said they had frequently bullied their peers in school. The association was even stronger than for other risk factors linked with domestic violence, such as having suffered abuse as a child. More… Discuss