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Today’s Holiday

Opalia (2014)

The ancient Roman fertility goddess Ops was known by several different names—among them Rhea, Cybele, Bona Dea, Magna Mater, Thya, and Tellus. She married Saturn and was the mother of Jupiter. She is usually portrayed as a matron, with a loaf of bread in her left hand and her right hand opened as if offering assistance. Not much is known about what actually took place during the Opalia, but it appears that women played an important role in the festival. Because Ops was a fertility goddess, she was often invoked by touching the earth. More… Discuss

word: cabal


Definition: (noun) A secret scheme or plot.
Synonyms: conspiracy
Usage: She pretended that a wicked plot was being hatched against her, a cabal which would come to a head in the coming days. Discuss.