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Blogging Award: The Beautiful Blogger Award (second time around)

Blogging Award

beautiful-blogger-awardThank you  sarahjademcdermott for nominating me for this award.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated:  How wonderful to wake up on a Monday morning to an award from a blogging friend my website.  
Like many good things in life it evolved on  the corner of a three legged table, not even two years ago, from a burning desire to share my passion for music, photography, physical activity, and poetry, as well as trends,  I thought very important,  in the world we live in. 
I am so glad that so many of you like what I tried to make known in my posts.

This is the second Beautiful Blogger Award that I received and both within the last month.  (Visit my “Blog Awards” Page    for more info.)


1. Post seven interesting things about myself.

2.  Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve the award.

3.  Let them know about the nomination.

4. Post this picture in the post w/ your copy paste editing options.

1.  Here are 7 things about me (no not the same you already know):

1. I like squirrels – I think that they are wonderful creatures, from which many among us would learn something from watching their playfulness.

2. If you visit, bring some mushrooms (edible) – I’ll make you something good to eat.

3. I am so happy to wake up everyday, and consider it the gift I treasure most.

4. Last time I check, I was on the market for a Treck bicycle, but ended up taking home a Cannondale  bike instead.

5. Do you know how to preserve fresh Tarragon? If not, I do.

6. Once upon a time I liked to go fishing… lately I’d rather cycle instead: Everything changed.

7. I like to make new friends.

2.  Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve the award:

I nominate the following bloggers:

  • Eda – Her poetry is beautiful (don’t take my word for it check it instead… so what if you don’t know Romanian: Google does!)
  • Microcritters – His Critters are cool (to say nothing of the super photos of macrocritters) Again don’t take my word for it; gocheck it out for yourselves)
  • Brooke – I love her website and the beatiful posts she published in the short time since our blogs discovered  each other  Redwood, cheese, Northern California trip, honey,  all wrapped around in wonderful posts anf photos.

Thank you for visiting for a while, and leaving with a thought for this blogger!

Your enthusiasm  is the true winner of this award, as your interest, curiosity, and desire to  know are its true brain, heart, and few other internat and vital organs of this blog!

Thank you so much again!

At the fork in the road – A bridge!

At the fork in the road - a bridge-To Seal Beach

At the fork in the road - a bridge-To Seal Beach

Today was a wonderful day for biking. There was some wind (10 – 15 mi/h) blowing from South-West, but that was a great benefit on the way back (prevailing wind changes course in the afternoon), so I got a good workout both directions trading effort for speed.
To make a short story long (if I did not do just that already), it was a day to remember, for the clean, crisp, cold air, good company, several on – the – road photos, and many cotton balls clouds, mostly sunny, day on the bike road. My Cannondale bike needed the workout, so did my calories burning watch, and my pedometer got a little cake, as reward for catching up with me, and adding some 40 miles to its mileage.

 I hope you enjoy the “panoramic view” of the Fork – in – the – road at the Coyote Creek bike road bridge.

 More to come (I got to go watch the next episode on the “Burn Notice”).