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Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber by Paul Hindemith (PLU Wind Ensemble)

Dr. Edwin Powell conducting the Pacific Lutheran University Wind Ensemble. This was recorded during a concert at Pacific Lutheran University’s Lagerquist Hall on 9 May, 2010.

I. Allegro 0:00
II. Scherzo (Turandot): Moderato-Vivo 3:52
III. Andantino 11:07 (Flute Solo 14:34)
IV. Marsch 16:06

The Weber themes are taken from incidental music Weber wrote for a play by Carlo Gozzi based on the same Turandot legend that later inspired Giacomo Puccini and others. Hindemith and his wife used to play Weber’s music for two pianists, and Hindemith used some of these little-known pieces—Op. 60/4 (no. 253 in the Jähns catalog of Weber’s works) (first movement), Op. 10/2 (J. 82) (third movement), and Op. 60/7 (J. 265) (fourth movement) for the themes of the other movements. Weber’s piano duets were written around 1801 and 1818–19, his Turandot music in 1809.