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environment: Bear, Wolves Thriving in Europe

Brown Bear, the National Animal of Finland

Brown Bear, the National Animal of Finland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bear, Wolves Thriving in Europe

Large predator species, long considered vulnerable, are now rebounding in Europe, according to a new study in the journal Science. Europe has twice the number of gray wolves as the United States, with more than 12,000 of them spread among 28 different countries. Even more widespread is the brown bear, whose population numbers more than 17,000 among 22 different countries. Both animals can be found around 10 major population centers in Europe. The study also highlights thriving populations of Eurasian lynx and wolverines. More… Discuss


Lions and Wolves and Bears, Oh My

The majority of the world’s large carnivores—among them lions, wolves, and bears—are in decline, and we are already feeling the effects of this shift. In many areas, the loss of these predators has allowed species that were their prey, such as elk, deer, and baboons, to thrive. The unchecked growth of these animals’ populations threatens crops, damages vegetation, and disrupts the lives of birds and small mammals. However, we need not despair just yet, asecosystems tend to respond well when large carnivores are reintroduced to an area. More…


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