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Archaeology Volunteering in Romania: Volunteer in Romania

In Romania, volunteers on the Archaeology project are based in various locations, although the main base will be Deva, a city with 80,000 inhabitants. In ancient times Deva was a Dacian fortress called Decidava. Nowadays, it is the capital city of the Hunedoara district, an area with an extensive and fascinating history.

Volunteers work with a number of archaeological groups, including Romania’s Museum of History where they investigate ancient Dacia and the medieval environs of Transylvania. Archaeological sites found in the Carpathian Mountains and plains below have already yielded some remarkable information about the time of the infamous Vlad-the-Impaler, the supposed inspiration for the Dracula legend.

Our Archaeology placements are a great way to learn about civilisations that have long-since disappeared. Through clues, investigations and practical research you can attempt to reconstruct many aspects of their way of life whilst collaborating with some of the best specialists in the periods from Neolithic to Medieval

via Archaeology Volunteering in Romania: Volunteer in Romania.

Jurnal de calatorie prin Tara Fagarasului (bring your appetite with you, we’ll do the rest!)


Click to access Tara Fagarasului here

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Post by Romania – Carpathian Garden: Fundata Brasov

Fundata - Brasov County - Romania Photo: http://www.fundata-sirnea.ro/


Post by Romania – Carpathian Garden.

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Semnale de bucium / Carpathian horn signals

“Semnale de bucium” performed by a group of six carpathianhorn (“bucium”, “tulnic“) players. Romanian traditional folk song from Transylvania area.

Carpathianhorn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bucium

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Dumitru Farcas: Go, Longing, to Rocky Montains (Romanian a folkloric Song)

Dumitru Fărcaş – Du-te, dor, în munţi de piatră

Toate pozele sunt făcute de mine, pe Masivul Ceahlău (Carpaţii Orientali)

All the pictures are took by me in the Ceahlău Massif (the Carpathian Mountains, in Moldavia region of Romania)

Dumitru Farcas: Go, Longing, to Rocky Montains

Photos taken in Ceahlau Massif, Moldova, Romania