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this day in the yesteryear: Mary I Begins Reign as Queen of England (1553)

Mary I Begins Reign as Queen of England (1553)

After King Henry VIII divorced her mother, Catherine of Aragon, and married Anne Boleyn, Mary was declared illegitimate and lost her place in the line of succession. In 1553, her granddaughter, Lady Jane Grey, was deposed following a nine-day reign, and Mary—restored to the line of succession in 1544—became queen. She restored Roman Catholicism to England, but the resulting persecution of Protestants and the execution of some 300 heretics earned her the hatred of her subjects and what nickname? More… Discuss

today’s birthday: Catherine of Aragon (1485)

Catherine of Aragon (1485)

Catherine of Aragon was queen consort of England and the first of King Henry VIII’s six wives. When, after 18 years of marriage, Catherine had not produced a male heir, Henry resolved to have the marriage annulled and marry Anne Boleyn. When the Pope refused his request, Henry had Parliament pass the Act of Supremacy, repudiating Papal jurisdiction in England and making the king the head of the English church—beginning the English Reformation. Did Catherine accept the annulment? More… Discuss


Catherine of Aragon Married by Proxy to Arthur, Prince of Wales (1499)

Catherine of Aragon is known as the first of King Henry VIII’s six wives, but before they were wed, she was married to his older brother Arthur. Catherine was the youngest daughter of Spain’s Ferdinand II and Isabella I, and her marriage to Arthur was primarily political. In fact, Arthur and Catherine were married by proxy before they had even met, in a ceremony attended by their representatives. The marriage was short-lived, as Arthur died young. When did Arthur and Catherine finally meet? More… Discuss