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Today’s birthday: Paul Cézanne (1839)

Paul Cézanne (1839)

Though early in his painting career Cézanne was closely associated with the Impressionists, even exhibiting with them, he soon began exploring ways to “recreate nature” by simplifying forms to their basic geometric equivalents, utilizing contrasts of color and distortion to express the essence of his subject. His radical new style profoundly affected the development of modern art, Cubism in particular. Who reportedly referred to Cézanne as “the father of us all”? More… Discuss

Rare Cezanne Coming to Auction

Rare Cezanne Coming to Auction

A Paul Cezanne painting of a Mediterranean landscape is expected to draw big money at auction in February, according to Christie’s auction house. The late-19th-century work, called Vue sur L’Estaque et Le Chateau d’If, is one of the few Cezanne works available for sale that was painted in his Estaque apartment. Cezanne’s paintings are known for fetching high sums. His painting The Card Players is widely regarded as the most expensive painting ever sold, reportedly costing $250 million. More… Discuss