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Mary “the Rich” of Burgundy (1457)

The only surviving child of Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy, Mary inherited the vast Burgundian domains in France and the Low Countries upon her father’s death in 1477. Louis XI of France immediately annexed some of these and, hoping to gain possession of the rest, proposed that she wed his son Charles. She instead married Maximilian of Austria, establishing the Hapsburgs in the Low Countries and initiating the long rivalry between France and Austria. What Great Privilege did she grant? More… Discuss


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Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy (1433)

Charles the Bold was the last of the great dukes of Burgundy. An opponent of Louis XI of France, Charles sought independence for Burgundy and had great success casting off French rule, extending Burgundy’s possessions and building a centralized government until he was defeated and killed in battle against the Swiss. Prior to his death, he arranged for his daughter to marry the son of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III. How did this pairing affect the course of European history?More… Discuss


This Day in the Yesteryear: VIKINGS CAPTURE PARIS (845 CE)

Vikings Capture Paris (845 CE)

Ragnar Lodbrok was a Norse hero of the Viking Age whose life—which was spent largely invading one country after another—has been mixed with myth in many legendary accounts. One of his favorite tactics was to attack Christian cities on holy days, as he did in 845, when he arrived in Paris on Holy Saturday with 120 ships. By some accounts, he accepted a tribute of 7,000 pounds of silver from French King Charles the Bald in exchange for sparing the city. According to legend, how did he die? More… Discuss