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Portal: Christianity / DYK Archive

Portal: Christianity / DYK Archive


…that there are approximately two billion Christians worldwide?
…that there are usually 66 books in the Christian Bible?
…that there are over 33 000 Protestant denominations in 238 countries worldwide?
…that Jesus worked as a carpenter until the age of 30, when he began his ministry?
…that during the Avignon Papacy from 1305 to 1378, several medieval popes resided in Avignon and not in Rome?


The Number of the Beast

According to the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible, the Number of the Beast is a numeral associated with an unspecified creature of evil. Though some believe that the beast itself is Satan, the biblical language is vague enough to have led to numerous other interpretations, such as the theory that the number actually represents the Roman emperor Nero. Most translations of the Bible render the number as 666, but many scholars believe that earlier translations cite what other number? More… Discuss