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The Monarch Butterfly





The Monarch Butterfly





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The monarch, with its distinctive orange and black pattern, is considered one the world’s most beautiful butterflies. In North America, thousands of monarchs gather in autumn and migrate southward, sometimes more than 1,800 miles (2,900 km), and return north in spring. Their ability to return to the same spots over several generations has led scientists to research how circadian rhythm and the position of the sun are involved. What is aposematism, and how do monarch butterflies exemplify it? More…









Biorhythms are recurring patterns of physiological states in an organism or organ. One example is the circadian rhythm that governs humans’ sleep-wake cycle as well as their blood pressure changes and urine production during a 24-hour period. Circannual rhythms are yearly cycles that respond to changes in the length of periods of daylight. Some people believe that biorhythms affect physical and mental states and behavior. Who thought that his students’ good and bad days followed a 33-day cycle? More… Discuss


In The News: Morning Heart Attacks Do More Damage

Morning Heart Attacks Do More Damage

According to a study of over 800 heart attack patients in Spain, people who have a heart attack between 6AM and noon tend to suffer more heart damage than those who have one at other times. It is well established that one’s internal clock can influence heart attack risk, for example, people are more likely to suffer heart attacks in the morning; however, the extent to which this influences the degree of damage a person suffers has not yet been established. In this study, researchers concluded that the area of the heart damaged in morning heart attacks was, on average, 20% larger than the area damaged in heart attacks at other times. More… Discuss