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The best choice was clay, poetic thought by George-B (The Smudge and other poems)

The best choice was  clay, poetic thought by George-B
(The Smudge and other poems)

You are my clay statue now, my witness

I could have turn you to






the enchanted tree:

just to keep the story,

the “once upon a time…” alive.

but it would have been too much work and
all those choices….

I decided then, it will be clay
provocatively pliable,
with the shape of the dead soil
impregnable, yet so fulfilling…

You’re at your best, now,
your best features… the cover story:
as it was,
so it will remain…

The best choice was  clay.


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TODAY’S BIRTHDAY: Henry Clay (1777)

Henry Clay (1777)

Clay, known as the “Great Compromiser,” was an American statesman and orator who served in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. His multiple bids for the presidency all failed, but he was nevertheless extremely influential in US politics. He orchestrated the Missouri Compromise between free and slave states, and he attempted to strengthen the nation’s economy through his American System. Though he opposed slavery and favored emancipation, Clay only freed his own slaves upon what? More… Discuss

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