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“Camp Brisket” a Thriller for Grillers

“Camp Brisket” a Thriller for Grillers

People flocked to Texas A&M University’s Meat Science and Technology Center this month for Camp Brisket, a gathering focused on how to properly cook the eponymous cut of meat. Many campers were foodies experienced with cooking barbecue staples, like pulled pork, but looking to conquer the more challenging brisket. Meat scientists, chefs, and pit masters all taught lessons about the day-long grilling and seasoning process that brisket requires. Tickets to the popular event, which cost up to $550, sold out in minutes. More… Discuss

Michael Moore Occupies Wall Street: CNBC VIDEO

CNBC VIDEO_ Michael Moore Interview October 24 2011

CNBC VIDEO_ Michael Moore Interview October 24 2011 (CLick Here to view the video and read the transcript of the interview at CNBC!)

film maker Michael M is not one to hold back when it comes to capitalism. corporate america and now the movement to occupy wall street. he joins us this morning from outside the nyse. good morning and good to have you on the program. actually we’re not outside the new york stock exchange. you have moved me down here on to broadway. so that apparently you’ve been told or you are not allowed to have me there in front of the — you know, when i’ve interviewed with you in the past, you’ve tried to actually bring me into your studio at the stock exchange and the stock exchange will not allow me inside the building to be interviewed by members of the press (source: http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000052954#)