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Franz Clemens Honoratus Hermann Brentano (1838)

Nine years after being ordained, Brentano renounced the priesthood due to religious doubts and immersed himself more deeply in the study and teaching of philosophy. With his 1874 text Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint, he sought to establish psychology as an independent science. He founded act psychology, or intentionalism, which concerns itself with the mind’s “acts”—such as perception, loving, and hating—rather than its contents. Which philosophical luminaries did he influence? More…Discuss


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Today’s Birthday: Alfred Binet (1857)

Alfred Binet (1857)

A major figure in the development of experimental psychology in France, Binet founded L’Année Psychologique, the first French journal on psychology, in 1895. He is also known for his research and innovations in measuring reasoning ability. Between 1905 and 1911, he and Théodore Simon developed influential scales for the measurement of the intelligence of children, which, with revisions, came into wide use in schools, industries, and the army. How did the scales work? More… Discuss