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article: The University of Padua

The University of Padua

The University of Padua is one of the oldest universities in Europe and the second oldest in Italy. It was founded in 1222 by a group of students and faculty from the University of Bologna and has since become a premier institution for higher education in Italy, boasting an enrollment of 65,000 students and an academic staff numbering more than 2,200. Over the course of the university’s long and illustrious history, many famed historical figures passed through its doors, such as what scholars? More… Discuss

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Ave verum, Op.65 No.1 / Gabriel Fauré

Direction : Richard Marlow
*Recorded : 1996 in Chapel of Trinity College, Cambridge

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Charles William Eliot (1834)

Eliot was an educator and the president of Harvard from 1869 to 1909. Under his administration, Harvard developed from a small college with attached professional schools into a great modern university. Several notable reforms were introduced during his tenure: the elective system was extended, the curriculum was enriched, written exams became mandatory, and the faculty was enlarged. Eliot opposed football and tried unsuccessfully to abolish the game at Harvard. Why did he object to the sport? More… Discuss


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Sergei Rachmaninoff – Prelude Op. 23

S. Rodriguez

Sergei Rachmaninoff – Prelude Op. 23
No. 1, in F-sharp minor
No. 2, in B-flat major
No. 3, in D minor
No. 4, in D major
No. 5, in G minor
No. 6, in E-flat major
No. 7, in C minor
No. 8, in A-flat major
No. 9, in E-flat minor
No. 10, in G-flat major


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Definition: (adjective) Stale and unclean smelling.
Synonyms: fustymusty
Usage: As a college student, all I could afford was a frowsty basement apartment, but it served its purpose. Discuss.


This Day in the Yesteryear: “IS PAUL MCCARTNEY DEAD?” (1969)

“Is Paul McCartney Dead?” (1969)

If one is to believe the rumors, the real Paul McCartney died at the height of Beatlemania and was secretly replaced by a double. The precise origins of this urban legend are unknown, but it gained traction at around the time that the band was breaking up. This is attributed in part to an article published in an Iowa university student newspaper addressing the rumors and pointing to supposed clues in the band’s music and album artwork that alluded to the rocker’s death. What are some examples? More…Discuss




Definition: (adjective) Characterized by sedate dignity and often a strait-laced sense of propriety.
Synonyms: serioussoberquietcalmgravesteadycomposedsolemn
Usage: I instinctively stood up a little straighter when the staid duke entered the parlor. Discuss.

Today’s Birthday: JOHNS HOPKINS (1795)

Johns Hopkins (1795)

Hopkins, a US merchant and financier, worked with an uncle as a wholesale grocer before going into business with his brothers in 1819. As he continued to prosper, his interests diversified into banking, insurance companies, steamship lines, and railroads. In his will, he set aside $7 million—the largest philanthropic bequest in US history at the time—for the founding of a free hospital and university in Baltimore, Maryland. His will also called for the establishment of what other institution? More… Discuss