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#Giacomo_Puccini : né le 22 décembre 1858 en Toscane, il est mort le 29 novembre 1924 à Bruxelles en Belgique) — Stéphane Bergès (@Revizorsb)

GHEORGHIU & ALAGNA – La Bohème – Sono andati? (Final scene)

Saint of the Day for Monday, October 6th, 2014: St. Bruno

Saint of the Day for Sunday, September 14th, 2014 St. Notburga

Saint of the Day for Sunday, September 14th, 2014
Image of St. Notburga
St. Notburga

Patroness of poor peasants and servants in the Tyrol. Born in Rattenberg, in the Tyrol, she was the daughter of peasants. At eighteen she became a servant in the household of Count Henry of … continue reading
More Saints of the Day
St. Notburga St. Caerealis & Sallustia St. Cormac St. Crescentian
St. Crescentius St. Gabriel Taurin Dufresse St. Maternus of Cologne

“Blue Skies” performed by Nina Simone

“Blue Skies” performed by Nina Simone
Recording session: Live in Cologne at One World Music Festival, 7/22/1990

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