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word: muffle


Definition: (verb) Deaden (a sound or noise), especially by wrapping.
Synonyms: mute, tone down, dampen, dull
Usage: I was up past my bedtime, so I tried to muffle my sneeze by holding my pillow over my face. Discuss.


Color Blindness

People with color blindness are not blind in the most common sense of the word; their condition can perhaps be more accurately described as a color vision deficiency. Those who suffer from it tend to see colors in a limited range of hues—most commonly they are unable to distinguish red and green—while a rare few may not see colors at all. The condition is often genetic, but it can also be acquired through eye disease. When did the scientific community first acknowledge color blindness? More… Discuss


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Definition: (adjective) Tough and callous by virtue of experience.
Synonyms: hard-boiledpugnacious
Usage: He graduated from college a naïve idealist, but just a few years of chasing down stories had turned him into a cynical, hard-bitten journalist. Discuss.