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this day in the yesteryear: First Pulitzer Prizes Awarded (1917)

First Pulitzer Prizes Awarded (1917)

The Pulitzer Prizes—prestigious awards presented annually by Columbia University for achievements in American journalism, literature, and music—were created by journalist and publisher Joseph Pulitzer, whose will funded the establishment of Columbia’s school of journalism as well as the prizes. Ironically, Columbia had rejected donation offers from Pulitzer during his lifetime because, as one of the originators of yellow journalism, he was regarded as unscrupulous. What do prizewinners receive? More… Discuss

Fabbrica di paste #watercolor #pencil #illustration #pasta #Italy — Virginia (@myartpainting)


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Google translates:

The Good Things and the Bad Things of Today:

Beautiful things today: the sparrows that seek and found crumbs of food provided just in time, religious songs of women that fill my heart with joy and hope, the elderly gentlemen who smile at me.
The colorful fruits in stalls, the flame of the candle that doesn’t extinguish, greeting without exception everyone who who was here before me my time, the heavenly part of the sky.
The reflection of the sun on the bells, the wind that refreshes the skin, a mother holding the hand of his son, the marijuana that grows wild.
The bleating of goats, the sound of cymbals and drums, children laughing merrily.
A homeless man on the street who loves me!

The bad things of today are those who do not want to see!!!



Saint of the Day for Monday, December 8th, 2014: St. Romaric

Image of St. Romaric

St. Romaric

In the account of St Amatus of Remiremont it is related how he brought about the conversion to God of a Merovingian nobleman named Romaric, who became a monk at Luxeuil; and how they afterwards went … continue reading

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sant, sant, sant… cugetare poetica de George-B ©Always ( The smudge and other poems)

sant, sant, sant… cugetare poetica de George-B ©Always

Sant capitanul  barcii
Care nu mai ia apa,
ca apa i-a trecut de mult peste cap…

Sant subacvatic, fara sa fi fost un submarin-plutesc intre ape
Din adancuri  bradisul ma tine pe umeri, ma leagana si-mi canta
Sant doar un vis, acum,
cu barca far-de vasle, si apa rece la inceput de seara tomnateca,
ma misca, si ma frînge.

Fara busola,
fara compass,
privesc bulele de gaz ce se ridica din adancul verde…
printre brotacii noi sant doar un capitan pribeag,
sortit sa fie intre ape, nici jos pe fund, nici pe la aer…
doar asa, ca un suspin, intre ape grele si usoare,
de la amiaza pana-n luna plina,
sant, sant, sant…

Drug Reverses Alopecia Areata Hair Loss

Drug Reverses Alopecia Areata Hair Loss

Researchers may have found a cure for the baldness caused by alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that causes patchy hair loss, and it is a drug already on the market, though for the treatment of bone marrow disorders. After just five months of taking ruxolitinib, three alopecia areata patients who had lost at least a third of their hair due to the disorder saw total hair regrowth. Further testing is needed to see if this treatment will be safe and effective on a wider scale. More… Discuss

In umbra soarelui de-amiaza, cugetare poetica de George-B, ©Always (the smadge and other poems)

In umbra soarelui de-amiaza, cugetare poetica de Geoerge-B,  ©Always

Printer foile uitate zilelor ingalbenite
Pierdut-a-fost lumina zilei…
regasita in penumbra,
inditecta raza de crepuscul ne-intamplat,
ceasului fara de limba pe-orologiul de timp…uitat.

Printer clipele uitate, fara memorie orologiului crepuscular
doar prezentului far’de prihana, nememorizat, necatalogat –
Precum cantecul launtric, ce nu s-a asternut in note
pe firele firave de portativului, precum stergare la uscat…

Intre penele pasarii de foc   care-a cazut ca un meteorit,
orientat spre-a sa pricina; Am ars cenusa ce-a ramas,
Asternuta pe fata pergamentului cu lacrima uda, pusa la uscat…
Cenusa ce pastreaza taina pentru totdeauna,
taina ce pastreaza  clipa de clipa cenusa, esenta, alchimia,
astrologia cunostintele marginale vor ramane necunoscute,
in afara cercului nepunctat al uitarii…

in umbra soarelui de-amiaza santem cu toti insetati de a afla mai mult.

Vizitatori Romani la EuZicAsa (ori vizitati ClustrMap on the site): Multami fain va zic la toti si binecuvantari de St. Constantin si Elena!

Romania (RO) 4,782
  Bucuresti 1,459
  Satu Mare 300
  Timis 276
  Cluj 184
  Brasov 174
  Iasi 113
  Constanta 108
  Bistrita-Nasaud 103
  Suceava 95
  Galati 95
  Bihor 89
  Prahova 82
  Sibiu 80
  Valcea 74
  Mures 70
  Hunedoara 69
  Olt 69
  Vaslui 68
  Braila 62
  Dambovita 62
  Arad 60
  Dolj 60
  Giurgiu 58
  Maramures 57
  Neamt 46
  Botosani 45
  Bacau 40
  Arges 36
  Alba 34
  Ilfov 32
  Buzau 31
  Tulcea 30
  Calarasi 29
  Caras-Severin 28
  Vrancea 22
  Salaj 20
  Harghita 19
  Mehedinti 16
  Gorj 14
  Teleorman 11
  Covasna 8
  Ialomita 8
  N/A 446
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Un Gand: Cu o floare nu se face primavara, dar o floare insoreste o zi…

Un Gand: “Cu o floare nu se face primavara, dar o floare insoreste o zi…” 

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