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today’s birthday: Charles Peace (1832)

Charles Peace (1832)

Peace was a notorious English burglar and murderer whose life spawned many romanticized works of fiction, including dozens of novels and films and even a comic strip. After stints in prison and a criminal career spanning decades, Peace was finally captured and imprisoned on charges of burglary and the attempted murder of a police officer. He was then tried for a past murder and was sentenced to death. Peace is mentioned by name in what Sherlock Holmes short story? More… Discuss

Comic strip festival showcases Eastern Europe revival (From France24 International)

Comic strip festival showcases Eastern Europe revival (From France24 International)

Comic strip festival showcases Eastern Europe revival (From France24 International) CLick here to find out more about this story)

AFP – The European Comics Festival opened Friday in Bucharest with a spotlight on the medium’s revival in Eastern Europe after decades in the wilderness under communism.

“In every totalitarian regime, comic strips were reserved to children, and only a handful of ‘authorised’ novels were adapted for adults,” said Jean Auquier, director of the Belgian Comic Strip Centre, in Bucharest for the festival.

“But since the fall of the communist dictatorships in Eastern Europe, the long tradition that had existed before for the comic strip is being revived,” Auquier told AFP.

Fifteen Eastern European artists are featured at the festival alongside Belgian, Portuguese, Greek and French exhibitors in a trendy industrial building transformed into a contemporary art space in downtown Bucharest.
Source: http://www.france24.com/en/20111104-comic-strip-festival-showcases-eastern-europe-revival?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter)