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Safest Place to Live May Surprise You

Big cities have gotten a bad rap. It turns out that, contrary to popular belief, they are in many ways safer places to live than suburban or rural communities. While it is true that US cities have more homicides than rural areas, the overall risk of dying from an accidental injury is much greater—and this risk is greatest in the nation’s most rural counties. Many different factors likely play a role in this, but one thing researchers note as a possible contributor is a lack of access to trauma centers in rural areas.More… Discuss



Outer Space

Outer space is the emptiness that exists beyond and between celestial bodies such as stars and planets, including Earth. Though outer space is the closest thing in existence to a perfect vacuum, it is not entirely empty, containing a few hydrogen atoms per cubic meter. Space is also full of radiation, magnetic fields, and—theoretically—dark matter. It is extremely cold. Contrary to popular belief, an unprotected human would neither instantly explode nor freeze in space. What would happen? More… Discuss