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NEWS: Wrongful Convictions in US Capital Cases Higher than Thought

Wrongful Convictions in US Capital Cases Higher than Thought

Capital punishment is a highly controversial topic, and new calculations about the rate of wrongful death sentences in the US are adding fuel to the fire. Using data about US death sentence convictions and exonerations, researchers concluded that about 4 percent of people sentenced to death between 1973 and 2004—some 300 people—were actually innocent, a higher rate than previously thought. While 117 were subsequently exonerated, the majority of those wrongfully sentenced to death were not. More… Discuss

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Australia’s Last Execution (1967)

In the 16 years leading up to the execution of Ronald Ryan for the killing of a guard during a prison break, every single death sentence in Victoria, Australia—35 in all—had been commuted to life in prison. By then, two Australian states had abolished capital punishment for murder, and many in Victoria were under the impression that it had done the same. The decision to carry out Ryan’s execution was widely protested. How many of the jurors who had convicted Ryan later petitioned on his behalf? More… Discuss


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