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The Byrds – Turn! & Rhymney & Mr.Tambourine Man – 10/29/65

COMPLETELY LIVE performance from “The Big…”, including David McCallum‘s intro!!

A very rare treat; as this is one of only TWO COMPLETELY LIVE performances that the “Original 5” ever did on TV.

On the Ed Sullivan show “Turn!” was live, but “Mr. Tambourine Man” was lip synched.

The original Byrds in all their glory, and their weaknessess, are on good display here.

Exciting because it’s all live, and also quite “Jagged” & “Stiff” sounding, as the “Original 5” was never known for their “Tight Live Act”, the primitive sound systems of the day notwithstanding.

Rough rythym section, Michael Clarke is playing the songs slow, Gene Clark is playing the tambourine without much sense of metre or time, etc.

In Gene’s defense, I would say that he resented the Tambourine, after getting “Stuck” with it when Crosby took the guitar out of hands.

EQUALLY wonderful are the AMAZING audience shots; capturing the fun, exuberance, and exhileration of a mid ’60’s rock concert.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about, baby.

This show was filmed on October 19, 1965, and was shown on TV in early 1966.

A VERY HUMOUROUS scene comes at 5:09. As the camera pans past all the girls faces, not knowing quite how to react to this song about a Welsh coal mining disaster, and ends on the face of a jealous boyfriend!

Capturing The Byrds at the peak of their affluence, this is a wonderful, live look at pop history.