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This Day in History: Thomas Blood Attempts to Steal Crown Jewels of England (1671)

Thomas Blood Attempts to Steal Crown Jewels of England (1671)

Blood was an Irish-born adventurer who served under Oliver Cromwell during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. After Charles II returned to the throne, Blood fled to Ireland. He later attempted to kidnap the Duke of Ormonde but failed. In 1671, Blood and his accomplices made an infamous attempt to steal the Crown Jewels of England. Having befriended the jewel keeper, Blood arranged a private viewing, during which time the men made off with the treasures. Why did Charles II pardon Blood? More… Discuss

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This is a stunning collection of some of the best international crown jewels. I have only included pictures here of crowns and tiaras. Along with this is Handel’sMusic For The Royal Fireworks, Overture”. Enjoy!!
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The sole surviving piece of the original Polish crown jewels, the Szczerbiec—or “Notched Sword“—is the ceremonial sword that was used to crown Polish kings from 1320 to 1764. Legend states that it was given by an angel to King Boleslaw, who chipped it on the gates of Kiev in 1018, yet the sword only dates to the 13th century, raising questions about the veracity of the tale. Looted by Prussian troops in 1795, the sword was not returned until 1928. Why is there a slit on its blade below the hilt? More… Discuss