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A picture that shook the world. Read the #story and share it — Daniel Gennaoui (@DanielGennaoui)

German soldiers being shown what their government had done after the war.— Daniel Gennaoui (@DanielGennaoui)


Adolf Hitler’s school photograph— Daniel Gennaoui (@DanielGennaoui)

this pressed…guess why: Make art your own home. Amazing piece.— Daniel Gennaoui

Ruby Bridges, the first black child to attend a white school in the American south: The temerity carry the world’s weight on your shoulder and understand: that is faith!


Mt. Fuji from ISS. Beautiful and Legendary. Find more beautiful nature pics here— Daniel Gennaoui


Mount Fuji from Mount Ogochi-Sunrise

Mount Fuji from Mount Ogochi-Sunrise

The Cologne cathedral; left untouched after the destruction of the War- Daniel Gennaoui

this pressed: Reaching the Kilimanjaro Summit — Daniel Gennaoui