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Beethoven’s 5th Piano E-flat major, Op. 73 (Emperor) – Daniel Barenboim

Mengelberg – Grieg – Two Elegiac Melodies for Orchestra, Op 34, great compositions/performances

Mengelberg – Grieg – Two Elegiac Melodies for Orchestra, Op 34

Grieg: Peer Gynt, Op. 23 – (IX. In the Hall of the Mountain King): great compositions/performances

this day in the yesteryear: Jupiter’s Io Observed by Spacecraft Galileo (2001)

Jupiter’s Io Observed by Spacecraft Galileo (2001)

Discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610, Io is Jupiter’s closest and third largest moon. It played a significant role in the first measurement of the speed of light, calculated by 17th-century Danish astronomer Ole Rømer. The most geologically active of Jupiter’s moons, Io has 30 active volcanoes that are probably energized by the tidal effects of Jupiter’s enormous mass. In 2001, the unmanned spacecraft Galileo came within 110 miles (180 km) of Io. What did its images reveal about Io? More… Discuss

Today’s Birthday: Ole Worm (1588)

Ole Worm (1588)

Worm was a Danish physician and antiquarian who was the personal physician of King Christian IV of Denmark and served Copenhagen during plague epidemics. Worm’s chief contributions to medical science were in embryology. As a natural philosopher, he assembled a vast collection of stuffed and mounted animals, fossils, and other curiosities. A collector of early Scandinavian literature and texts written in the runic alphabet, he wrote extensively on rune stones. What are the Wormian bones? More… Discuss

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