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The Theory of Everything

In physics, there are four fundamental forces—gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, and weak. Each plays a vital role in how the universe works. For example, the strong force is what holds atoms together. For years, physicists have sought a single theory that explains how all the forces work together: the theory of everything. Even on his deathbed, Einstein was working on this problem. Some believe no solution exists. What notable physicist once believed it was possible, then changed his mind? More… Discuss

Today’s Birthday: Bob Hope (1903)

Bob Hope (1903)

Famous for his “ski-jump” nose, superb timing, and irreverent attitude, Hope was an immensely popular American comedian. He debuted in vaudeville in the 1920s and later performed on radio, television, stage, and in more than 50 films. He hosted the Oscars a record-breaking 17 times over 38 years. A master of comic monologues and mildly bawdy one-liners, he was a tireless entertainer of US troops overseas. When asked on his deathbed at age 100 where he wanted to be buried, how did he respond? More… Discuss