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Teeny-Weeny Mouse-Deer Born

Though they are not closely related to true deermouse-deer are so named because they resemble tiny deer. The smallest of the hoofed mammals, mouse-deer stand just about 12 inches (30 cm) high when fully grown. The Java mouse-deer, Tragulus javanicus, is under threat as a result of habitat loss, and breeding programs have been established to try to preserve the species. One such program at a zoo in Spain has announced the recent birth of a cute, little, hamster-sized, baby Java mouse-deer. More… Discuss

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Deer Attacks Cyclist (How do they know when to cross the road?)

Jeffro gets served by a Deer during the 2013 Monster Cross and Mountain Bike Presented by GROUNDFORCE

And the deer thinks: “To cross or not to cross: That is the question!”