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today’s birthday: John Brown (1800)

John Brown (1800)

Brown was an American abolitionist who advocated and practiced armed insurrection as a means to abolish all slavery. After murdering five proslavery settlers in Kansas in 1856, Brown led an unsuccessful raid on the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, in 1859. He was convicted of treason and hanged. His raid made him a martyr to northern abolitionists and increased the sectional animosities that led to the American Civil War. What future general captured Brown at Harpers Ferry? More… Discuss

How to Prepare Gaucho Mate (powdery yerba mate)

How to Prepare Gaucho Mate (powdery yerba mate)

today’s birthday: Wilhelm Wien (1864)

Wilhelm Wien (1864)

German physicist Wilhelm Wien is noted for his work on hydrodynamics, X-rays, and the radiation of light, but it was his work on blackbody radiation that set him apart in the field. In 1893, he derived a law that relates the maximum emission of a blackbody to its temperature. In 1911, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in recognition of his “discoveries regarding the laws governing the radiation of heat.” His work contributed significantly to the development of what branch of physics? More… Discuss

quotation: You shall judge of a man by his foes as well as by his friends. Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)

You shall judge of a man by his foes as well as by his friends.Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) Discuss

BOLERO-RAVEL: great compositions/performances


Just a thought: “Because the doing of the being tends to go on and on,…”

Just a thought:  Because the doing of the being tends to go on and on, the mind needs to remind the doing that it’s nothing without being…and needs to empty itself of noise, in order to hear the silence before. -George-B

word: harangue


Definition: (noun) A speech or piece of writing characterized by strong feeling or expression; a tirade.
Synonyms: rant
Usage: The coach’s angry harangue during halftime somehow managed to motivate the team. Discuss.

Kara Karayev – The Seven Beauties Naxos: make music part of your life series

Kara Karayev – The Seven Beauties Naxos 1CD 8573122

QUOTATION: Honore de Balzac

No man should marry until he has studied anatomy and dissected at least one woman.

Honore de Balzac (1799-1850) Discuss

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Lifestyle Changes Could Cut Miscarriage Risk

Researchers say that more than a quarter of first-timemiscarriages are preventable and could be avoided if women made certain lifestyle changes. Heavy lifting,obesity, being underweight, alcohol consumption, and working night shifts during pregnancy were all found to be factors that elevate miscarriage risk. Age was also found to be a factor, with women in their mid-30s and above more likely to lose a pregnancy. It is important not only for individual women to be aware of these risks but also for policymakers and employers to know of them and help pregnant women avoid them whenever possible. More… Discuss


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Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander (1898)

Alexander came from a family of academic achievers—her father and uncle both graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, studying law and medicine respectively. Alexander also earned a degree from the school—becoming one of the first African-American women with a PhD in the US—and moved on to Penn’s law school, where she was the first African-American woman graduate. She also served as the first national president of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority. In which subject was Alexander’s PhD? More… Discuss