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South African Hospitals Sending Home Patients with Deadly TB

Researchers have identified an alarming practice in South Africa that is contributing to the spread ofextensively-drug resistant (XDR) and totally drug-resistant (TDR) tuberculosis. When patients with these highly drug-resistant strains of TB do not respond totreatment, South African hospitals routinely discharge them and allow them to return to their homes, where they may expose relatives and other members of their communities to the disease. The problem is that doctors need to free up beds in TB hospitals for patients who may respond to treatment, but there are few residential or palliative care facilities to accept the patients they discharge. More… Discuss


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The Mantoux skin test consists of an intraderm...

The Mantoux skin test consists of an intradermal injection of exactly one tenth of a milliliter (mL) of PPD tuberculin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


"Fight tuberculosis - obey the rules of h...

“Fight tuberculosis – obey the rules of health” – A poster from the Works Progress Administration created between 1936–1941 urges the public to prevent tuberculosis by having good sleeping habits, eating well, and getting exposure to sunlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Citrus Could Combat Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis

In recent years, strains of tuberculosis have emerged that are able to withstand some of the most potent antibiotics on the market, but a fairly low-tech solution could be their undoing. When vitamin C is introduced to tuberculosis bacteria in a test tube, it triggers a process that kills off the bacilli—even drug-resistant strains. It is possible that, when used in conjunction with existing tuberculosis treatments, vitamin C could help root out these hard-to-treat infections. More… Discuss

Main symptoms of different variants and stages...

Main symptoms of different variants and stages of tuberculosis (See Wikipedia:Tuberculosis), with many symptoms overlapping with other variants, while others are more (but not entirely) specific for certain variants. Multiple variants may be present simultaneously. Model: Mikael Häggström. To discuss image, please see Template talk:Häggström diagrams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)