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today’s holiday: Georgia Day (2015)

Georgia Day (2015)

Also known as Oglethorpe Day, February 12 commemorates the day in 1733 when James Edward Oglethorpe and 120 other Englishmen landed in Savannah, Georgia, to establish a new colony. In 1965, the anniversary of the state’s founding was officially proclaimed Georgia Day. On February 12, there is a procession through the historic town of Savannah and a luncheon. Since 1966, there has been a reenactment of Oglethorpe’s landing, with costumed residents playing the roles of Georgia’s first European settlers and of the American Indians who greeted them upon their arrival. More… Discuss

Preemies Slower to Pair Up Later in Life

Preemies Slower to Pair Up Later in Life

Studies have already suggested that babies born prematurely often grow up to be cautious individuals, and now, Finnish scientists have linked that tendency directly to love and sex. By comparing questionnaires from “preemies” now in their twenties with those filled out by peers born at full-term, the researchers found that preemies were 20 percent less likely to have ever lived with a significant other, and 24 percent less likely to be sexually active. Neonatologists, however, maintain that other factors, such as maternal income and education, are the best predictor of children’s future health and welfare. More… Discuss

Listen: @NPRHipHop’s timely interview with @JColeNC http://t.co/qaWLu5HEKp— nprmusic (@nprmusic)

word: impecunious


Definition: (adjective) Lacking money; penniless.
Synonyms: penurious
Usage: It was hard to believe that the impecunious man asking me if I could spare any change had once been the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Discuss.

Two of Islamic State’s captured jets destroyed, Syria says|AP, Reuters|Globe and Mail|EUZICASA|

Smoke and flames rise after an explosion in the Syrian town of Kobani on Oct. 20, 2014. (BULENT KILIC/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Two of Islamic State‘s captured jets destroyed, Syria says Associated Press and Reuters Published Wednesday, Oct. 22 2014, 5:05 AM EDT Last updated Wednesday, Oct. 22 2014, 9:56 AM EDT

Two of Islamic State’s captured jets destroyed, Syria says

Quotation: John Filson

So much does friendship triumph over misfortune, that sorrows and sufferings vanish at the meeting not only of real friends, but of the most distant acquaintances, and substitutes happiness in their room.

John Filson (1747-1788) Discuss


Chocolat ?

une pastillle a chocolat...Et puis... une de plus.


All the attempts made again and again by the reactionary Maire and his hires, do nothing but entice even them to try the chocolates, and become themselves customers and believers in a more colorful life, in which, not everything can turn out to be… sinful…Just human. 

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