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today’s birthday: Simón Bolívar (1783)

Simón Bolívar (1783)

Bolívar was a South American revolutionary leader whose actions earned him the title of “El Libertador.” He defeated the Spanish in 1819, was made president of Greater Colombia—which comprised modern Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, and Ecuador—and helped liberate Peru and Bolivia. He declared himself dictator in hopes of unifying the region but was less successful at ruling countries than at liberating them, and he resigned in 1830, dying shortly thereafter. Why was Bolívar’s body exhumed in 2010? More… Discuss

This Day in History: Ecuador Gains Independence from Gran Colombia (1830)

Ecuador Gains Independence from Gran Colombia (1830)

Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, Ecuador was controlled by the Inca empire. Francisco Pizarro‘s subordinate, Benalcázar, entered the area in 1533. Not finding the wealth of the mythical El Dorado, he and other conquistadors moved restlessly on, and the region became a colonial backwater. Ecuador remained under Spanish control until 1822, when it was joined to Gran Colombia. With the dissolution of that union in 1830, Ecuador gained its independence. Why is 1859 called the “Terrible Year”? More… Discuss

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Ecuadoran Civicism & National Unity Day

Public displays of patriotism are commonplace for Ecuadorans on this national holiday, observed on the anniversary of the Battle of Tarqui in 1822. The flag of Ecuador is prominently featured during the day’s celebrations. Along with receiving a public display at government and private buildings, the flag also appears in the traditional ceremonies at schools throughout the country. Students with exemplary academic records will have the honor of being flag bearers in official parades, and all students are expected to deliver an oath and kiss the flag as a symbol of their allegiance.More… Discuss

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Semnale de bucium / Carpathian horn signals

“Semnale de bucium” performed by a group of six carpathianhorn (“bucium”, “tulnic“) players. Romanian traditional folk song from Transylvania area.

Carpathianhorn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bucium

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Inside the Classroom with Britannica School, Grade 7

Published on Aug 30, 2013
See how Britannica School supports differentiated learning, builds 21st century skills, and helps with research.


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Published on Jan 7, 2014

One subscription to Britannica Library gives your library three sites in one: Children, Young Adults, and the Reference Center for older students and adults.

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From Frnace 24 International – Snowden case pits Ecuador against Washington, again (“another bowl of bile”)

From Frnace 24 International - Snowden case pits Ecuador against Washington, again

From France 24 International – Snowden case pits Ecuador against Washington, again (Click to access report and video)

Ecuador grants Asylum to Julian Assange (from Democracy Now)

Ecuador grants Asylum to Julian Assange (from Democracy Now)

Ecuador grants Asylum to Julian Assange (from Democracy Now) (click to access story)

Glenn Greenwald: Interview on Democracy Now

Glenn Greenwald: As WikiLeaks Reveals Syria Files, Assange Remains in Ecuador Embassy Seeking Asylum

Glenn Greenwald: As WikiLeaks Reveals Syria Files, Assange Remains in Ecuador Embassy Seeking Asylum

Ecuador Temporarily Bans Alcohol Sales: Methanol and Bootleg Liquor

Ecuador Temporarily Bans Alcohol Sales

In an effort to stop contaminated alcoholic beverages from reaching consumers, Ecuador temporarily banned the sale of alcohol throughout the entire country. Authorities imposed the three-day ban after 21 people died and more than 100 were sickened over the course of a week as a result of drinking bootleg liquor containing methanol, an industrial-grade alcohol that is toxic to humans. Most of the deaths were in Los Ríos province, prompting authorities there to implement an alcohol ban, but after reports of bootleg liquor in other provinces surfaced, the ban was extended nationwide. More… Discuss