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More Romeo and Juliet: Berlioz: Queen Mab Scherzo – Toscanini – NBC – Live 1951 , great compositions/performances

Berlioz: Queen Mab Scherzo – Op 17 Toscanini – NBC – Live 1951

word: abdication


Definition: (noun) A formal resignation and renunciation of powers.
Synonyms: stepping down
Usage: Despite his reluctance to relinquish the throne, the besieged king managed his abdication with dignity. Discuss.
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George VI, King of Great Britain and Ireland (1895)

The subject of the Academy Award-winning 2010 filmThe King’s Speech, George VI became king of the United Kingdom following the abdication of his brother, Edward VIII. George was an important symbolic leader of the British people during World War II, supporting the wartime leadership of Winston Churchill and visiting his armies on the battlefield. He earned the respect of his people by scrupulously observing the responsibilities of a constitutional monarch and by overcoming what handicap? More… Discuss


Today’s Birthday: RICHARD III OF ENGLAND (1452)

Richard III of England (1452)

Richard III was made a duke after his brother Edward of York deposed the weak Lancastrian king Henry VI and assumed power. Richard and Edward were driven into exile in 1470 but returned and defeated the Lancastrians the next year. On Edward’s death, Richard became protector for Edward’s son, the 12-year-old King Edward V, but he usurped the throne and confined Edward and his brother to the Tower of London, where they were likely murdered. Who defeated Richard to become England‘s next monarch?More… Discuss