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Lou Reed Playlist


Reggae is a form of popular music that developed in the 1960s among the Jamaican poor. It draws on American “soul” music and traditional African and Jamaican folk music, as well as ska—Jamaican-British dance-hall music. Many of reggae’s highly political songs proclaim the tenets of the Rastafarian religious movement. Instrumentation accents the upbeat and usually includes an ensemble of organ, piano, drums, bass, and electric guitars. What are some theories on the origin of the term “reggae”? More… Discuss

Today’s Birthday: Les Paul

Les Paul (1915)

Paul began playing country music at 14, later switched to jazz, and started his own trio in 1936. Considered one of the finest jazz guitarists, he was famous for his amazing versatility. Dissatisfied with the sound of available instruments, Paul invented a solid-body electric guitar in 1941 that was marketed by Gibson and became extremely important in the development of rock music. Several versions of his prized guitars are still manufactured. What else did he invent? More… Discuss