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Antonín Dvořák – Water Goblin, Op. 107

Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra, Theodore Kuchar


Photos by Evan Joseph from the book “NYC at Night”
Music by Gregg Karukas – Deep Into You

GREGG KARUKAS is a smooth jazz keyboardist and pianist, originally from the Washington, D.C.-Maryland area. He experimented with keyboards as a child, but it was not until his teens that he pursued music professionally. Gradually, he developed a melodic and soulful style of music that made him a mainstay on smooth jazz and radio circuit.

Karukas is known to write music that evokes strong emotions. Two of his best-known singles, “Girl in the Red Dress” and “Nightshift”, reflect a style familiar to his fans. Karukas has collaborated with Brazilian composer Dori Caymmi and Ricardo Silveira on several projects. With eleven solo albums and many sessions and tours with prominent jazz artists, Gregg Karukas has established himself as one of the leading musicians of the format.He has a wife named Yvonne and two sons named Stevie and Alex who are musicians.(from Wikipedia)


1-3) Cityscapes of NYC
4) Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges across the East River.
5-6) Manhattan – one of the five islands of New York City, the historic core of the city. 
7) Manhattan night
8-10) Times Square – an area of ​​Midtown Manhattan, at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue.
11) Empire State Building and Chrysler Building
12-13) Empire State Building 1931, 102 floors (443m). The tallest building in New York.
14) Chrysler Building, 1930, 77 floors (319m).
15) General Electric Building,1930,50 floors (195m).
16) Woolworth Building , 1913, 57 floors (241m).
17) Central Park 
18) Central Station (Grand Central Terminal)
19) Federal Hall and the Washington Monument on Wall Street
20) Cityscape
21) Columbus Square (Columbus Circle) with the monument of Columbus 
22) Metal Globe at Columbus Circle
23) Campus of Columbia University (Columbia University)
24-25) Brooklyn Bridge 
26) Manhattan Bridge in the neighborhood
27) Manhattan Bridge Arch
28) Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan
29-30-31-32) Ellis Island in the mouth of the Hudson River. On January 1, 1892 to November 12, 1954 was the biggest point of reception of immigrants in the United States. On the neighboring island of Liberty (Liberty Island) is the Statue of Liberty.
33) John F. Kennedy International Airport
34) Lower Manhattan
35) New York Public Library
36) Lincoln Center – center of musical culture in New York. In the foreground is the Metropolitan Opera
37-38) Guggenheim Museum (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum) – a large collection of modern art. 
39) The Metropolitan Museum of Art – one of the largest art museums in the world
40-41) Office buildings around Foley Square in downtown Manhattan.
42) St. Patrick’s Cathedral
43-44) Queensboro Bridge and the Roosevelt Island
45) Radio City Music Hall – a prestigious concert hall in the center of town, where, in particular, performed the ceremony MTV Video Music Awards
46-47-48) Cityscapes
49-50) Brynt Park and Chrysler Building in the background
51) Stylized Empire State Building retro-eatery Empire Diner in Manhattan, seen in many Hollywood films.
52) Bronze bull on Wall Street
53) The World Financial Center
54) Washington Square Park
55) Cityscape

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