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today’s birthday: Kenneth Grahame (1859)

Kenneth Grahame (1859)

Grahame was an English author best known for writing The Wind in the Willows, whose anthropomorphic animal characters—Mole, Rat, Badger, and Toad—captivatingly combine human traits with authentic animal habits. Though a children’s classic, it has been enjoyed by readers of all ages since its publication in 1908. In addition to writing, Grahame worked as at the Bank of England for some time. What happened to him when a man supposedly opened fire on him at the bank in 1903? More… Discuss

today’s birthday: Hilaire Belloc (1870)

Hilaire Belloc (1870)

Belloc was an important English author in the early 20th century. A highly versatile writer, he is best remembered for his light verse, particularly for children, and for his lucid and graceful essays. He wrote from the Roman Catholic viewpoint, and his views on Protestantism and Islam, which he called major heresies and threats to the “Church Universal,” made him a somewhat controversial figure. What was Belloc’s rather tongue-in-cheek response to the question of why he wrote so prolifically? More… Discuss