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Haiku – Wind (poetic thought by George-B)

Haiku – Winds (poetic thought by George-B)

Winds move life and death
with indifferent motives –
Eons only know

A pebble’s memories (by George-b) (from my poetic thoughts)

A pebble’s memories (by George-b)

In dreams we’re  loved and cared for
while  daylight is for returning
The love and care our dream
gathered for us
while innocently  dreaming –

For instance:  take this fragment
of a larger pebble, almost a stone,
still dreaming of the mountain around it once ,
while under ice being forsaken for Eons;
will it remember of  the mountain it once were,
the way it felt, the way it…rocked?
The way the solid water worked onto the crevice,
breaking more ,

While the time had flowed Eons…

Pebbles on Findhorn Beach

Pebbles on Findhorn Beach (Photo credit: Assaulted Peanut)