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Brazil Sewage Tests Positive for Polio

Brazil Sewage Tests Positive for Polio

Air travel has made it easier for people to see the world—and, unfortunately, for infectious agents to hitch a ride along with them. Sewage samples near São Paulo, Brazil, one of the World Cup venues, have tested positive for poliovirus. Brazil has been polio-free since 1989, and the presence of the virus in sewage does not change its status, but it does highlight how easily diseases can be spread from place to place in this day and age. More… Discuss

Polio Is Global Public Health Emergency

Polio Is Global Public Health Emergency

Recent gains in the fight against polio are at risk of being undone if the international community does not take swift action, says the World Health Organization (WHO). This year is currently on track to see a greater number of polio cases worldwide than last year, with Pakistan, Syria, and Cameroon posing the greatest threat of exporting the virus to other countries, having already spread it to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Equatorial Guinea respectively. The WHO is therefore recommending emergency measures to curtail the spread, including having affected countries vaccinate people planning to travel abroad prior to their departure. More… Discuss

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Egypte : tentative d’assassinat à la voiture piégée sur le ministre de l’Intérieur

Le convoi du minitre de l’Intérieur égyptien a été attaqué ce jeudi par des “engins explosifs télécommandés”. Les 4 véhicules qui entouraient la voiture blindée du ministre ont selon ce dernier été détruits. Le ministre est indemne, mais au moins 10 de ses gardes ont été blessés. Le mouvement Tamarod accuse les Frères Musulmans, et ceux-ci accusent le gouvernement d’avoir orchestré l’attentat.
En duplex avec Alexandre Buccianti, correspondant RFI pour France 24 au Caire, en Egypte
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