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Octomom’s Incredible Display of Maternal Dedication

Octomom’s Incredible Display of Maternal Dedication

Researchers have observed an extraordinary display of maternal dedication thousands of feet beneath the ocean’s surface. For four years and five months, a mother octopus is believed to have clung to a rock, straddling her clutch of 150 eggs, protecting them, keeping away dirt, and flushing them with fresh water until they hatched. So all-consuming was her dedication to her offspring that she likely did not eat for the entire 53-month brooding period and probably died shortly after her eggs finally hatched. More… Discuss

NEWS: TURN DOWN THE THERMOSTAT TO TRIM THE WAISTLINE (Or exercise, indoors, outdoors, to the same result!)

Turn Down the Thermostat to Trim the Waistline

A number of factors have been blamed for the obesity crisis gripping much of the industrialized world, and now researchers are adding indoor heating to the list. They say that heated buildings eliminate the need for the body to expend energy in order to keep warm, thereby reducing daily caloric burn. Other experts disagree, saying that cooler temperatures increase appetite, counteracting any caloric burn with an increased caloric intake. There is also some indication that cold indoor temperatures increase the risk of a stroke. More… Discuss


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This Day in the Yesteryear: THE GREAT BLUE NORTHER (1911)

The Great Blue Norther (1911)

The central US is no stranger to sudden changes in weather, but the temperature fluctuations and weather phenomena that struck on November 11, 1911, were about as unusual as it gets. On that day, many cities experienced record high temperatures before the mercury plummeted to record lows. Springfield, Missouri, for example, was a balmy 80°F (27°C) before the cold front passing through the region brought it down to a frigid 13°F (-11°C). What else did the front bring with it? More…Discuss