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White Tigers

With their striking coloration, white tigers are popular attractions at zoos and in other forms of entertainment that showcase exotic animals. Their white coats can be pure white, but more often they have dark stripes. Though these tigers seem exotic, they are not their own subspecies. Rather, they are a selectively bred mutant form of normal orange tigers. Because of the extreme rarity of the white tiger allele, white tigers are often inbred, which leads to what health problems? More… Discuss


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Melanism is the dark coloration of the skin, hair, fur, or feathers due to a high concentration of the pigment melanin. A classic example is the panther—which is actually a black leopard. However, melanism has several variations. Pseudo-melanism occurs when dark markings cover a large part of an animal’s body, while industrial melanism results in dark varieties of animals that need camouflage in smoke-blackened industrial regions. What insect is commonly associated with industrial melanism? More… Discuss


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The Clouded Leopard

The clouded leopard prowls the Himalayan foothills. It is only distantly related to its namesake but does share the leopard’s dark spots. As the smallest of the big cats, the clouded leopard is considered an evolutionary link between big cats and small cats. It is known for its excellent climbing ability—the clouded leopard can climb down trees headfirst—and frightening canine teeth—the largest of any cat in proportion to body size. What nickname has it been given due to this latter feature? More…


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