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EUZICASA: Flag Counter January 5, 2015

EUZICASA: Flag Counter January 5, 2015

EUZICASA: Flag Counter January 5, 2015

181 countries….Hmmm, and 245 flags collected: Thank you my Friends!

FlagCounter 181

FlagCounter 181



ClastrMaps- more stats

ClastrMaps- more stats


Snips with a view:

Thank you friends for the blessing of feedback_ It makes all the difference in the world!

Thank you friends for the blessing of feedback_ It makes all the difference in the world! (click to enlarge)

Thank you friends for the blessing of feedback, through “likes, Comments, personal experiences, reblogging and even rating”:
It makes all the difference in the world to know that people aren’t just interested  and liking, but also what it is that they like and, especially what they thought are.

That’s active blogging I think, and it makes all the difference at least for me it does….

Which brings me to a wow I make: I promise to follow your example!

I am thankful to all the more than 409 followers, Even if I did not see many of them in a while: I figure they may find themselves in a life bottleneck, somewhere in a freeway, for days, etc, and I understand that from my personal experience few month back!

I did not realise, but subconsciously I was experimenting with different media of communication, even tried to recite some of my mostly raw thoughts on soundcloud, but it is all to find out more, on my own, about the things that attract us to this information age media of interaction, that can be as involved, and involving as one chooses (before getting hooked on, that is…) THe same goes for the followers from 174 countries from around the globe (with few unwanted follows, fro which I will not retreat into private blogging, a oxymoronic stunt, and perpetrated by WordPress)….The idea was to see where people have more direct access to the internet, and FlagCounter di d a great job (i wish I knew about them from the start), while ClusterMaps cut my reporting in the middle, for no reason (so choose Flag Counter, which gives you both the vies by country, as well as the number of access)

All these service at no expense, except for having to upgrade my space, to allow for more media to by uploaded to WordPress(not inexpensive either) (lesson learned: try and diversify your media outlets, with free spaces, SoudCloud, Pinterest, YouTube,  Twitter, Facebook, and so many other.

I always wanted to have gateways to services I consider graceful, informative, educational , and especially open source, and free of membership dues, or even log on:

It is the reason I created text widgets, on the sidebar  for everybody’s access, and am pleased to see that others are fond of some of them too (took me a while to understand ..How easy it was to do that once one follows directions, but it’s been a while for me to do that, and this blog is my first and only experiment in blogging (I literally did not have an any idea about any of the concepts, html, etc., before the first day I decided to blog)

Yes: I am A Blogger, thanks to you, and the interest you have constantly shown!

There are many other friends who like my posts, and who honored me with AWARDS  for which, and to whom I am greatly indebted and thankful! 

If you decide to have your blog archived (it probably is) access and follow the WayBack Machine (again, another great widget you can find on the sidebar!

Again and again:

Thank you all!