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Popular in the 1880s, prior to the development of the so-called safety bicycle, the penny-farthing was an early bicycle with a large front wheel and a comparatively tiny rear one. Perched on a seat above the front wheel, the rider was unable to touch the ground with his or her feet. “Taking a header” was a constant danger, so some riders put their feet over the handlebars when coasting downhill to ensure that any fall forward would be feetfirst. How did one go about mounting such a contraption? More… Discuss


Cause We’re Born This Way 

Word from  http://www.youtube.com/user/1OneStyleProduction:
One style production (www.onestyleproduction.com) presents : 

The Biggest Flash Mob ever of Lady Gaga in the Bayonne’s festival in France.
(Vidéo officielle Flash Mob des Fêtes de Bayonne 2011)

This flash mob took place the 31st of July in the front of the city-hall of Bayonne where around 2000 people danced on the lady gaga song : “Born this way”.

We really enjoy to share with you these magic moments.

Huge thanks to the flashmob’s staff, especially Philippe who let me participate to this wonderful adventure.

Huge thanks to the dancers, you did it well guys !

And Huge thanks to my friends (video’s staff) for their helps, actually, it thanks to you, guys, if today I could make this short movie, I hope that you’ll enjoy.

To be continued, next year…

(merci aussi à Julien Navaux alias le Now )