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The Great Mississippi Flood

The Great Mississippi Flood

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 was the most destructive river flood in US history. Following heavy rains in 1926, the Mississippi River broke out of its levee system in 145 places, causing over $400 million in damages and killing 246 people in seven states. After the disaster, the federal government took over flood-control work—stabilizing river banks, improving channels, and constructing levees, floodwalls, floodways, and reservoirs. What famous song was written about the flood? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: Hurricane Katrina Devastates US Gulf Coast (2005)

Hurricane Katrina Devastates US Gulf Coast (2005)

Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the Central Gulf Coast as a Category 3 storm. Its storm surge breached the levee system that protected New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River, flooding the city. Lack of food and water in the aftermath fueled criticism of the US government‘s recovery efforts, and many former residents established new lives elsewhere. Katrina caused an estimated $81 billion in damages. How many people died during the hurricane and subsequent flooding? More… Discuss

word: exacerbate



(verb) Make worse.
Synonyms: aggravate, worsen, exasperate
Usage: The heavy rainfall merely exacerbated the region’s flood problems. Discuss.


The North Sea Flood (1953)

When heavy winds struck the North Sea during the high spring tide in 1953, it created a severe flood that affected parts of the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK. Belgium suffered significant property damage but little loss of life. The Netherlands, on the other hand, had 1,836 reported deaths, and the UK had more than 500, with nearly half of the victims perishing at sea. The flood remains one of the UK’s worst natural disasters. What has been done to prevent future disasters of this sort? More… Discuss


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Floodgates on Their Way to Keeping Venetians’ Feet Dry

High tides swamp Venice on an annual basis, but a barrier project 10 years in the making will hopefully protect the historic city from the worst of it. Billions have already been spent on the “Moses” project, and it is at least two years from completion. Some question whether the ambitious project will pay off, but planners are heartened by the first successful test of the system, in which four—of what will eventually be 78—large floodgates were raised from the seabed. More…Discuss



Free Speech Zone

Free speech zones are, in the US, fenced-in areas set aside in public places for activists to exercise their right to free speech. Though the zones give protesters space to voice their opinions, critics claim that the cages in fact censor dissenters by delineating where they must be when expressing themselves. Free speech zones were widely used during Vietnam-era protests and are still used at various political events. For whom did one California airport install free speech zones in the 1990s? More… Discuss


Leonard Cohen: “The Letters” (The music of words, the words in sounds: listen to it , unveil its mystery)!

“The Letters” (Leonard Cohen)

You never liked to get
The letters that I sent.
But now you’ve got the gist
Of what my letters meant.
You’re reading them again,
The ones you didn’t burn.
You press them to your lips,
My pages of concern.
I said there’d been a flood.
I said there’s nothing left.
I hoped that you would come.
I gave you my address.
Your story was so long,
The plot was so intense,
It took you years to cross
The lines of self-defense.
The wounded forms appear:
The loss, the full extent;
And simple kindness here,
The solitude of strength.
You walk into my room.
You stand there at my desk,
Begin your letter to
The one who’s coming next.

Several levees in N. Missouri breached: Nuclear Plant surrounded by flood water: June 19, 2011

Nuclear Power Plant Surrounded By Flood water_ Several levees in N. Missouri breached_June 19 2011

Nuclear Power Plant Surrounded By Flood water_ Several levees in N. Missouri breached_June 19 2011 (Click on the picture to read the story at CBSNews)