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make music part of your life series: Singer-songwriter Val Ghent at Cornelia Street Cafe Night of the Killer Keyboarders


Singer-songwriter Val Ghent @ Cornelia Street Cafe Night of the Killer Keyboarders

Day to Day Dream.http://www.valghent.com/ “Present Day Funk Sister” Valerie Ghent With Her Brothers Clayton Bryant, Tinker Barfield & Robin Macatangay. valghent.com

Doină de jale – Ciocârlia / Sad Song – The Lark

“Doină de jale – Ciocârlia” performed by Gheorghe Zamfir at panflute (“nai”). Adapted from a Romanian traditional folk song.


Transylvanian Folklore: Dumitru Farcas – Colo-n muntii Tebei

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Some of the most beautiful folk songs are now made available to the world, due to the internet, You-Tube, and so many music lovers, people who may be all around the world, but keep in their hearts, like the spot light from a lighthouse, or like the candle in the window sill, the memory larger then themselves, that of their ancestors. They hear the first sounds they grew into and out of,  like everything else learned again to apreciate the more they are amiss…But never lost.