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image of the day: Henry Ford

Henry Ford

A crafty engineer, Henry Ford built his first automobile in 1896. A predecessor to the 1907 Model T, the Quadracycle consisted of a simple motor mounted on a buggy frame. Before Ford began to produce the automobiles that made him famous, he had been an unimpressive student from a Michigan farming family. But he began to demonstrate skill and interest in mechanical work, and left farming and business school behind to work with machines. He learned about steam engines at his job with Westinghouse, and later worked as an engineer for Edison Electric Illuminating Company. As Ford Motors developed, he hoped to emulate Edison. Ford died in 1947 a fabulously wealthy and influential businessman.

Photo: Library of Congress

this pressed From LIBERTY VOICE: Los Angeles Police Shoot Unarmed Black Man

PoliceLos Angeles Police Shoot Unarmed Black Man.

Although the LAPD did not identify the deceased man, his family has come forward in local media to say that he was Ezell Ford, 24. They claim that Ford was mentally ill and that the police were aware of his illness. A spokesman for the LAPD, Cmdr. Andrew Smith, said that although he was aware that the man shot had been arrested in the past, he was unaware why he had been detained and did not know if the department had any knowledge that he suffered from a mental illness
Read more at http://guardianlv.com/2014/08/los-angele-police-shoot-unarmed-man/#b4to72rRAoTE1IjB.99

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this day in the yesteryear: Henry Ford Test-Drives His First Vehicle (1896)

Henry Ford Test-Drives His First Vehicle (1896)


Controversial but undeniably influential, Ford was an American engineer who is widely credited with developing the world’s first modern assembly line used in mass production. In the 1880s, the first “horseless carriages” hit the streets, and Ford, future founder of the Ford Motor Company, found himself inspired to build one of his own. In 1896, he produced his first self-propelled vehicle, the Quadricycle, which ran on an ethanol-powered engine and four bicycle wheels. How much did it sell for? More… Discuss

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