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Make Music Part of Your Life Series: Symphony No. 4 in B flat major (Op. 60)

The work is in four movements:

1. Adagio — Allegro vivace, 2/2
2. Adagio, 3/4 in E flat major
3. Allegro vivace, 3/4
4. Allegro ma non troppo, 2/4

Symphony No. 4 in B flat major (Op. 60), It was written in the summer of 1806. It was premiered in March 1807 at a private concert of the home of Prince Franz Joseph von Lobkowitz. The Coriolan Overture and the fourth piano concerto were premiered in that same concert.

The work was dedicated to Count Franz von Oppersdorff, a relative of Beethoven’s patron, Prince Lichnowsky. The Count met Beethoven when he traveled to Lichnowsky’s summer home where Beethoven was staying. Von Oppersdorff listened to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 2 in D Major, and liked it so much that he offered a great amount of money for Beethoven to compose a new symphony for him. 

The dedication was made to “the Silesian nobleman Count Franz von Oppersdorf”. Hector Berlioz was so enamoured of the symphony’s 2nd movement that he claimed it was the work of the Archangel Michael, and not that of a human.
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