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Today’s Birthday: LEOPOLD II, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR (1747)

Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor (1747)

The third son of Maria Theresa and Holy Roman Emperor Francis I, Leopold II succeeded his father as duke of Tuscany in 1765 and his brother as emperor and ruler of the Hapsburg lands in 1790. A practitioner of what has been termed enlightened despotism, Leopold is remembered as a ruler of outstanding diplomatic and administrative abilities. He was emperor for just two years, but in that time, he precipitated the decade-long French Revolutionary Wars by making an alliance with what power? More… Discuss




The Battle of Valmy

The French Revolutionary Wars were a series of military conflicts that took place both during and after the French Revolution. They began as an effort to defend the Revolution from outsiders but became wars of conquest. The first important engagement of these wars was the Battle of Valmy, a Franco-Prussian artillery skirmish fought in 1792. Though inconclusive, it revealed the superiority of French artillery. What battle cry, taken up by the French, may have weakened the Prussian troops‘ morale? More… Discuss