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Is it OK to leave objects on the Moon?


Is it OK to leave objects on the Moon?



We were everything, poetic thought by George-B

We were everything, poetic thought by George-B

Our love was like making bread
We would stop the mixing of the dough, 
long enough to put our senses together and add taste…
Then we would watch, together the dough rise, 
the yeast working its magic…
It was time to break the dough and shape it into loaves
you liked the long slim baguettes, A la French, 
I, the the round shape of the half full moon…
we would slice, blade deep, the top of the loaves
you like the oblique, I just one slice, deep in the middle…
the oven was preheated by now, and ready to bake…
The aroma could be sensed for a good distance…

Our home was blessed by the home make bread and with it…Us.

Those were the happy times of our bread making, bread breaking:
We were the Bread of the Earth, we were everything…

Four loaves.

Four loaves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)