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Santa Ana Bike Road: Mile 0 @ Pacific Coast Hwy Underpass (last Saturday Afternoon)

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A nice ride, on a wide, well maintained road. All underpasses are large, well lit and the grade in low (even the one in the picture, that looks so dark.) I checked out the first 12 miles and leave the rest for autumn, when the weather is milder. 

( Snapshots were taken with Videolan media player, from the video recorded on the Midland XTC Webcam (720p HD))

The passion fruit, the butterfly, pollen: warm colors

Of Passion Flower

My New Friend: Tree Squirrel at El Dorado Park

Good Morning LA: From the pedestrian bridge (my photography)

Of yachts and surfboards: the Miracle of Water (photos taken from the Pier in Huntington Beach)

At the Beach: Huntington Beach by the Pier

Iris Flowers Photography