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FOUNDER EFFECT (Hannibal Lecter)

Founder Effect

The founder effect is a form of genetic drift that occurs when a small group in a population splinters off and forms a new one. These founders can strongly affect the new colony’s genetic makeup far into the future, since their small gene pool may be unrepresentative of that of the population at large. Down the line, this can result in an increase in recessive traits, even maladaptive ones, like certain genetic diseases. What are some communities that have been impacted by the founder effect? More… Discuss



US Groups Issue Joint Guidelines for Genetic Testing in Kids

As our understanding of genetics grows, the medical community faces the daunting task of addressing the numerous practical andethical questions that inevitably arise as a result, like whether or not to test children for known genetic diseases. On this specific issue, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Medical Genetics have issued joint guidelines recommending that parents be offered the opportunity to screen their children for treatable conditions whose symptoms begin in childhood. Testing for adult-onset diseases, they say, should only be carried out if early intervention would reduce the risk of later complications. More… Discuss