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today’s birthday: Samuel Hahnemann (1755)

Samuel Hahnemann (1755)

Hahnemann was a German physician who created the form of alternative medicine known as homeopathy. Unsatisfied with the state of medicine at the time, Hahnemann looked for an alternative. Struck by the similarity of the symptoms quinine produces in healthy individuals to those of the disorder it cures, he theorized that “like cures like” and that drugs which produce the same symptoms as certain diseases should be used in small doses to treat those diseases. Why did he discourage drinking coffee? More… Discuss

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY: Franz Anton Mesmer (1734)

Franz Anton Mesmer (1734)

Mesmer was a German physician who experimented with an early form of hypnosis, known as “mesmerism.” He developed a doctrine of “animal magnetism,” believing that harmony could be restored in the human body by inducing “crises”—trance states often ending in delirium or convulsions. He carried out dramatic demonstrations of his ability to “mesmerize” his patients using magnetized objects. Accused by Viennese physicians of fraud, he left Austria for France. What scandal plagued Mesmer’s career? More… Discuss

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